An Unborn's View From Heaven
(c) Charles Dale Sorrels 1999

The Tragedy

Part One of Seven

I looked down from heaven
at what had been discarded, unceremoniously.
My remains were treated as if mere rubbish!-
not as the God ordained life I was,
when untimely ripped from my mother's womb!-
abandoned on earth, and without a name.

In my case,
what started out as romance turned to lust
when two were joined, but not by God.
When God gave them the gift of my life,
they were confused, in sin, and not prepared.

My country, a nation without rights for the unborn,
has made killing of babies legal,
and call it "abortion", not what it really is.
Dads and kids don't have freedom of choice,
for America has become a land of the selective free,
where the burden of final choice is born by women.
And women who make the fatal choice suffer most!-
For each child's death!-and for making the choice, alone.

he View From Heaven
Part two of seven

The Sovereign God, who comforts me
in ways the world cannot conceive,
gave my life to my Mom and Dad as a gift.
And now, my Mom suffers
the agony of having put me to death,
while, Dad suffers as he begins to realize
what should have been, will never be...

Mom never would have chosen the way
that seemed so right to her, then,
the way that caused her in disgrace
to think of me as an unwanted "circumstance",
if she knew what, I hope,
my folks soon come to comprehend.

I do not view my Mom, my Dad, my Country,
or those involved, in anger, but in grief!
God is the one who is our Judge,
with Him, alone, justice is just, and mercy is Love!
May God be merciful to each of them,
and bless all those who tried to intervene for me!

The Joy of Heaven
Part three of seven

I rejoice to say,
and you can read about them
in His Holy Written Word,
it was my joy to meet the angels
that pleaded for my life
before the throne of God!
How noble they truly are!
And to meet and love my savior Jesus Christ
is glory beyond all words!!!

Read Revelation, Mom and Dad,
it's glorious here indeed!
The thrice Holy God's thoughts and ways
are not the thoughts and ways of men!
God gives to us the gift of Life!-
and ordains peace for us through Christ.
Only in sin do we choose death
for all eternity!
And how, miraculously, He works in each of us
to change our choice from death
to life in Christ!

Love Lost

Part four of seven

I would have loved to have made my Father proud!-
what joy and love we should have had!
I grieve most for Mom who suffers more
than anyone can tell or know,
And more than those who advised her wrong
may even care to know.

There is no way to comfort Mom
as I would have chosen to...
At birth I would have brought her joy!-
and reached out to touch her face,
and felt the comfort of her warm embrace,
and loved to grow to give her hugs and kisses...
But that was not my choice to make.

If not for God, it would break my heart
to see her suffer now,
And to see Dad come to realize, as he will,
the loss of all we should have had,
would be too much to bear.

The Gift of God to Love
Part five of seven

You see, those who regard the unborn
as not a gift of God to love...
they just don't understand.
They miss out on the joy and love
each child can bring
to earth from God! -
let alone the eternal issue
that the child unborn on earth
is a God ordained eternal life!

And still, by the hardness of man's heart,
many do not admit
to kill the baby ordained by God
is murder in God's eye!-
Nor do they realize,
the soul ordained by God to life,
but denied birth on earth, lives on!

The gift of God murdered
By the abortionist hands,
Lives on in the Hands of God!

The Hope
Part six of seven

I hope my folks start to think God's way,
they've suffered in sin and worldly thoughts enough!
May they in Christ, alone, find Grace
to discover the thoughts of God!

Behold the cross, where God, alone,
suffered more than all the Moms ever could!-
for He was there when His only Son
needed not to die, except for all our sins.
His love for us brought Him full term to bear
the agonizing death of His beloved Son
who bore the wrath we each deserved
to give us the love to be born again
into the family of God.

Mom and Dad, please, though I lost my chance
to love you upon the earth, for now,
don't miss out on all the love
I have to share with you above,
and soon, I hope, upon the earth
when Christ shall reign one thousand years!

Confirm Your Choice of Life
Part seven of seven

God is not respected or loved on earth
as He should be!
Please, thru Christ
confirm your choice of life!
Join in the cause for 'Love of God and Life',
become a vital, compassionate part
of Jesus beloved bride on earth!-
And stir the conscience of America
by the Truth and love of Christ!

Make room for me on earth within your hearts,
and remember me with love, as I do you.

Copyright 1999 Charles Dale Sorrels

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