New Book Shows Abortion-Breast Cancer Link

By Rev. Louis P. Sheldon

Washington, DC -- Breast cancer is becoming an epidemic in the United States. It has been estimated that one out of eight women will get this disease during her lifetime. Each year more than 175,000 women develop breast cancer and 43,000 will die from it.

In 1993, Dr. Chris Kahlenborn began researching the possible connection between rising levels of breast cancer among women, abortion, and The Pill. After six years of research, Kahlenborn published his findings in Breast Cancer: Its Link to Abortion and the Birth Control Pill.

In his investigation, Kahlenborn analyzed hundreds of medical studies conducted since the 1960s. According to Kahlenborn, "Based on the most comprehensive medical evidence available, induced abortion and the birth control pill are both independent risk factors for the development of breast cancer. The risk is especially great if the woman has participated in either of these factors at a young age."

Kahlenborn's research indicates the following:

* A woman who has an abortion prior to her first full-term pregnancy can have at least a 50 percent increased risk of developing breast cancer.

* A woman who takes birth control pills before her first child is born has at least a 40 percent increased risk of developing breast cancer.

*A woman who has taken the pill for four or more years prior to the birth of her first child, has a 72 percent risk factor in developing breast cancer.

Based on current studies, more than 46,800 women may develop breast cancer yearly due to the use of contraceptives. More than 10,000 will die.

Yet despite convincing evidence of the dangers of breast cancer from abortions and contraceptive use, abortion clinics continue to promote abortion on demand. Planned Parenthood and other abortion lobbies continue to push for contraceptives on high school campuses, oppose parental consent or notification laws, and even oppose partial-birth abortion (infanticide).

Groups like Planned Parenthood are rightfully fearful that the breast cancer/abortion/contraceptive link could harm their grisly business. These organizations are apparently so radically committed to protecting the "right" of women to dispose of their unwanted children, that they are also willing to allow these same women to remain ignorant of the likelihood of developing breast cancer.

If women and teenage girls read Breast Cancer: Its Link to Abortion and the Birth Control Pill, they might be less likely to choose to kill their unborn children or to engage in promiscuous sex by using an oral contraceptive.

But, of course, as long as Planned Parenthood and other powerful abortion lobbies have their way, the killing of unborn children will remain legal, and teens will continue to be encouraged to have premarital sex. After all, when your multi-million dollar business is based on the aborting of babies and the selling of contraceptives, why let a small issue like breast cancer threaten your market share?

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