British Doctors Reject Euthanasia Proposal

EDINBURGH (CWN) - 03-Jul-97 - Great Britain's doctors on Thursday rejected a proposal by some among them to ask for a change in laws to allow euthanasia and assisted suicide of their patients.

The members of the British Medical Association (BMA) voted overwhelmingly to oppose the proposal after a lengthy debate. Only about 20 doctors wanted a change in the law. "Others rightly see us saving life, not embracing death. We should not do anything to betray that trust in our essential vital function." BMA chairman Sandy Macara said.

"I've been faced by patients requesting assistance in ending their lives and I've received their thanks in not having done so," another doctor, Fay Wilson told the conference. "We must not change the rules which will put us on a slippery slope to expectation that our function is to put out of the way and kill people who we see as not worthwhile," Wilson said.

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