Texas Governor George Bush and Pro-Life

Questions raised about Texas Governor George W. Bush by national Pro-Life leaders in regard to the sincerity of his commitment to the Pro-Life cause have a familiar ring. The same questions were raised early in the campaigns of Ronald Reagan and of the other George Bush. Both became heroes of the Pro-Life movement upon election.

When national columnists began to speculate that George W. Bush would distance himself from Pro-Lifers and Christian conservatives in order to advance his Presidential aspirations, Governor Bush called a meeting of Pro-Life leaders last year to announce that such a move was furthest from his intention precisely because his heart is with the Pro-Life cause.

But actions speak louder than words. At the end of the last session of the Texas Legislature, Governor Bush stood against powerful forces in the state and vetoed legislation that would have allowed a physician to deny life-saving treatment to a patient requesting it - even if the patient's death should result. This veto action was taken at the specific request of the Texas Right to Life Committee.

In the same session, Governor Bush aggressively lobbied for the passage of substantial Pro-Life legislation. His efforts failed because there was simply not enough Pro-Life support in the seated legislature. The Governor is currently advocating parental consent legislation and is committed to working actively for passage of all Pro-Life bills in the upcoming 76TH Texas Legislative session next January. Governor Bush refers to himself as the most Pro-Life Governor the state of Texas has ever had. His words and actions give ringing proof of the claim. And he sure beats Ann Richards.

Joseph M. Graham, Ph.D.
The Texas Right to Life Committee, Inc., President

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