A new resource is available to help Catholics understand what the Church teaches on Assisted Suicide.

"Catholic Wisdom On Assisted Suicide: Let God Make The Final Call" is an eight page, full color booklet that fully explores why the Church draws a line between allowing terminally ill patients to die and actively hastening their deaths.

The booklet points out that a week before he died of pancreatic cancer in November 1996, Cardinal Joseph Bernardin petitioned the U.S. Supreme Court not to create a right to assisted suicide. "I am at the end of my earthly life," he wrote, and "as one who is dying, I have especially come to appreciate the gift of life."

"Catholic social teaching has been our Church's best kept secret," said Father Mark J. Brummel, Editor of Claretian Publications, which has produced "Wisdom" booklets on welfare reform, abortion, the death penalty and other issues. "We hope 'Catholic Wisdom' booklets will create a much greater awareness in understanding of the wisdom the Catholic Church can offer in the public debate on today's critical issues," Father Brummel said.

For more information, contact Claretian Publications, 205 West Monroe Street, Chicago, ILL 60606 or call 800-328-6515.

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