March of Dimes and Abortion (1999)

Every year around this time we get a calls from people wanting to now if it's O.K. to support the March of Dimes. The answer is No.

For at least 25 years, most right-to-life groups have boycotted the March of Dimes because it presents abortion as one option for parents of handicapped babies. In other words, the March of Dimes does not oppose killing pre-born handicapped children as one method of "curing" birth defects: eliminate the defect by eliminated the defective.

According to Dr. Jack Willke, president of International Right to Life and past president of the National Right to Life Committee, the March of Dime pioneered the technique called amniocentesis -- a test performed during mid- pregnancy to identify genetic disorders. Dr. Willke states that 95 percent of all babies diagnosed with Down's Syndrome and Spina Bifia are killed by abortion.

"The March of Dimes is still very much involved in at least the toleration of, if not the rather direct promotion of elective abortion for handicapped children. They help to set the stage so that abortions can be done. They still are part of a 'search and destroy' mission to discover handicapped babies who, at their parent's decision are selectively killed," Willke says.

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