Feminists for Life Honors Remarkable Pro-Life Women

Washington, DC (ProLifeInfo.org) -- "Feminists for Life is pleased to announce this year's 'Remarkable Pro-Life Women,' featured in the Winter issue of The American Feminist," said Serrin M. Foster, Feminists for Life President. "It was hard to choose among the notable women from various walks of life."

FFL's Honorary Chair, Patricia Heaton, who recently received an Emmy for Best Actress, is honored along with fellow activists and actors Margaret Colin ("Madigan Men") and Kate Mulgrew ("Star Trek Voyager"). Mulgrew shares her personal story of placing her daughter for adoption and recently being united.

Former Philippine president Corazon Aquino, Member of European Parliament Dana Rosemary Scallon and state representatives Pat Lockwood and Mary Ellen Otremba are honored as well as journalists Michelle Malkin and Norah Vincent. Other honorees include Professor Sidney Callahan, Ph.D., disability activist Mary Jane Owen, Rebecca Wasser Kiessling, who was conceived through sexual assault and Marion Syversen, who shares the story of her two abortions, miscarriage and domestic violence.

Past honorees include Irish President Mary McAleese, Pakastani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto, Ambassador Lindy Boggs, Mother Teresa, Eunice Kennedy Shriver, professors Mary Ann Glendon of Harvard University and feminist historian Elizabeth Fox Genovese, columnist Linda Chavez, former corporate CEO and founder of The Nurturing Network Mary Cunningham Agee and Dr. Pamela Smith.

"Young women today have so many role models to look up to women who celebrate our capacity to give life," said Foster. "The good news is that they are everywhere."

For a copy of the "Remarkable Pro-Life Women II" issue of The American Feminist, please call FFL at 202-737-3352.

Source: Feminists for Life Press Release; December 27, 2000

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