Green Light to the Establishment of Human Embryo Farms

Senator Dianne Feinstein joins with formerly pro-life Senator Orrin Hatch (R-UT) to introduce a bill that "would give a green light to the establishment of human embryo farms." S. 303, introduced on February 5, falsely labeled a bill to make "human cloning a crime," actually permits human cloning for research, allowing human embryos to be harvested for their parts. Bush Administration officials have repeatedly warned that legislation to permit human cloning for research would be subject to a veto. Various statements by Feinstein and Hatch claim that their legislation would permit research only on "unfertilized eggs" that could not become "human beings." Doug Johnson, NRLC Legislative Director, dismissed that preposterous possibility, saying that "Cloning is, by definition, reproduction without sexual fertilization, so every cloned mammal alive today is unfertilized. If an human embryo created by cloning instead of fertilization is implanted in a womb, is born, and lives to be eighty, she will still be unfertilized-- but she will be human. NRLC believes that every member of the human species should be recognized as a human being with intrinsic human rights, regardless of the circumstances of his or her creation."

Source: California ProLife Council (CPLC) ( February, 2003. Boldfacing added.

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