Feminists for Life Head Speaking in Great Britain

Oxford -- Serrin Foster from Feminists for Life of America began a lecture tour of English Universities when she spoke at Lincoln College Oxford on March 1st 1999.

When the Student Union University newspaper refused to run a paid advertisement for her talk, on the basis that they run a pro-abortion editorial policy and will not publish pro-life material, the Oxford University Pro-life Group decided to take the matter up with the University Authorities.

Education laws in England endorse freedom of speech in all places of education and it is hoped that this will be a test case for pro-life organisations who suffer similar discrimination in other Universities around the country.

Serrin presented 'The Feminist Case Against Abortion' to an enthusiastic audience which included some representatives of pro-abortion women's welfare groups.

Coming in the wake of leading feminist author Germaine Greer's surprise attack on abortion in a full-page article in The Daily Telegraph last week, Serrin's analysis of the 200 year history of feminism's opposition to abortion, a tradition strongly upheld by Feminists for Life, could not have been better timed.

It is hoped to set up Feminists for Life of Great Britain in the near future.

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