Forbes Comments On How People Stand On Abortion

FORBES: Well, I think that, although some would never want you to really know it, the ground is beginning to shift. Part of it is due to the partial-birth abortion debate. It has caused people to look at the issue in a way they hadn't done before. But also, too, I think that technology is helping. A sonogram is now often their first baby picture among young couples.

WILLKE: It's some picture.

FORBES: You bet. It focuses the issue in a way that no amount of words or abstract pictures could do. This is your baby, a real baby and it brings it home. These pictures may be partly why a pro-abortion group's poll found that women, more than men, are now much more supportive of restrictions.

WILLKE: You know, that's not new. When comparable groups of men and women are asked the same question, we have consistently found that women are more pro-life than men.

FORBES: I think support for restrictions is growing, but the key now is not to rely on public opinion shifts and hope the polls get better. The key now is to solidify that sentiment into legislation and use that as a base on which to take it to the next step.

Source: From a recent interview of presidential candidate Steve Forbes by Life Issues Institute President Dr. Willke

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