Ambassador Alan Keyes on Cloning

... Think of the implications of this. We start over there with this notion that you can clone for therapeutic purposes, body parts, whatever you want, and you're actually going to make it sort of a crime, reproductive cloning, to go further than that, at least that's the implication. Well, what about the people who slip through. Somebody slips through, and a matter of fact, there might be folks who, like the folks who had the underground railroad, I'm sure some Americans are eventually going to get the idea that it's their job in life to help people slip through. To help people go all the way and become full to term. Well, what happens then to those people? Under law, they shouldn't exist and also by virtue of what the law has allowed to them at some stage in their development, they have been degraded into commodities. You don't think that's going to affect their status? Don't you see where we're going with this? We have come out of one era of awful, ugly slavery, discrimination, repression and injustice and now, we seem determined to use our scientific knowledge to create a whole new class of people that we can oppress and treat with indignity. This is sick! And I think it's a sickness we need to wake up to. And that goes beyond whether we survive or not, because, you know, that's a disease that if we don't do something to fight it, it's just going to spread. It'll characterize human beings for centuries. That struggle will go on just the way slavery did. Dark day that somebody introduced the idea that it was OK to hold somebody permanently in bondage just because you defeated them in battle yesterday. Introduced evils into the world, the fruits of which we know. Isn't it sad to think that we might be watching the beginning of such evils right now? Seeds planted, new ages, ages of oppression. So yeah, so I have a sense that we're in very fateful times and I just hope we'll take our responsibility here seriously.

Source: "A Conservative's View: Restoring America After September 11" address given by Ambassador Alan Keyes at Hobart and William Smith Colleges, November 29, 2001.

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