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ProLife Alliance Scotland
27th September 1998

The Party managers at the Labour Conference in Blackpool are expected to strangle any debate on the plight of the unborn." Despite the existence of pro-Life Labour groups and the rare proLife MP this is a no-go area and a political graveyard " stated ProLife Alliance Chairman, Michael Willis. " Look at what happened to Frank Field the only proLife MP in the Labour Cabinet after the election."

"The Labour Government under Tony Blair has become the most vehemently anti-life Government in Europe - not content with record abortion figures Frank Dobson, Minister for Health, wants a relaxation in the Abortion Law to allow 'quickie' abortions with a single GP's signature."

" Although Scotland has lower per capita abortion rates, Health Boards which refuse to undertake abortions after 16 weeks and a vociferous anti abortion lobby it appears unlikely we can have devolved powers to manage abortion in Scotland as we see fit. Labour policy is to ensure that abortion is equally promoted and available across the UK. That is why they will try and use the so called 'Good Friday Agreement' to introduce legal abortion into N. Ireland."

"Abortion liberalisation is the cornerstone of 'Emilys List' - the selection criteria for women MP's. Along with equal rights for sodomites - the Party turned out en masse to support the sodomising of 16 year olds - this is the new Labour moral platform which we will see plenty of in Blackpool. "

The ProLife Alliance is contesting the Scottish Parliamentary elections on a platform of protecting the unborn, infirm and disabled from further State attacks.

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