Malta Government Responds to EU's Pro-Abortion Recommendation

Malta --The Maltese government yesterday wrote to the secretary general of the European Parliament on the resolution taken recently about "sexual and reproductive health and rights," making clear its stand against abortion.

Malta's Permanent Delegate to the EU, Ambassador Victor Camilleri, outlined the government's position on abortion.

The letter was written in response to another by the secretary general of the European Parliament drawing attention to a number of resolutions adopted by the European Parliament, including the one about abortion.

The European Parliament had recommended that abortion be made legal and accessible to all.

Mr Camilleri wrote that the government's position was clear and unequivocal and that "not only is abortion illegal in Malta, but succesive governments... have been strongly committed to retaining the legal prohibition and have held this position also in the context of European and international fora, not least at the level of the United Nations".

The letter also notes that the issue of whether or not abortion should be legalized is a domestic one in which the European Union, in terms with its acquis communautaire and in line with the principle of subsidiarity, "has no competence to act, decide or legislate".

The government also said it was confident "that this will remain the position of Malta after membership" and that as a member state of the European Union, Malta "will continue to advocate its strong determination against abortion as a faithful reflection of the values of the Maltese people".

Source: Pro-Life Infonet; July 23, 2002

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