Pro-abortion Not Mainstream in Michigan

Right to Life of Michigan president, Barbara Listing, declared her organization's overwhelming victories in [November 1998] state legislative races were a telling sign about abortion politics. "With 45 of the 64 new members of the House being pro-life, the true pro-life nature of Michigan's electorate is being represented in Lansing. We also gained in pro-life strength in the state Senate.

"This first election in the wake of terms limits has blown away a longstanding myth that a so-called 'pro-choice' position is a mainstream position. This election shows that 'pro-choice' equals 'extreme,' not mainstream."

Listing cited the growing line of positive initiatives advanced by the right to life movement that have helped lower the abortion rate by 40% in Michigan since 1987, but emphasized the undaunted opposition by abortion proponents who fight those initiatives. "To be an abortion rights advocate today means you favor tax dollars being spent on abortion and you oppose parents being involved in a minor daughter's abortion surgery decision. It means you oppose giving women truthful information about abortion and support the killing of a living child who has been forcibly pulled from the womb up to the head and then violently killed with scissors and suction machines," Listing said.

"It's time we strip away the facade of the pro-abortion position. They will accept no restrictions on abortion; they want no regulation of a multi-million dollar industry; they want to exclude parents but include taxpayer dollars. They even defend the killing of children more born than unborn's no surprise that pro-life candidates from both parties were warmly embraced by Michigan voters.

"The days of viewing 'pro-choice' as credible are over. Standing in defense of extreme positions should be labeled for what it is -- 'pro-abortion.' We will continue our efforts to reduce the number of abortions in Michigan by affirming the dignity of women while preserving the right to life of their children."

SOURCE: Right to Life of Michigan

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