Right to Life Issue is Moral Imperitive

Writing from the National Right to Life convention in Milwaukee in June, 1999, pro-life syndicated columnist Paul Greenberg notes that the reason "why right-to-lifers won't just shut up" is because they view their cause as a "moral imperative."

Greenberg writes that "[a]bortion on demand is the law of the land, and always will be. Or so we're told. Just as a different generation of Americans was told that Dred Scott v. Sandford was the law of the land and the slavery question had been settled."

On the contrary, no "cause is forever lost. Not in this ever-changing world. Because no cause is forever won. That's the nature of politics. Of ideas. Of faith."

He says of those who attended the convention, they "understand something: If abortion is not wrong -- abortion on demand, abortion for no good medical reason, abortion as a routine, accepted feature of American society, the taking of innocent life without restriction or scruple or qualm ... then nothing is. And soon enough, nothing will be -- given that kind of pervasive, unthinking disregard for life."

He cites assisted suicide as an example. Greenberg concludes: "Now and then, I wonder if those on the other side of this issue ... have thought this thing through, or don't they dare think it through? ... In this fight, some of us have forgotten that we have an ally in the conscience of our adversaries. We should never cease appealing to it. Those on the other side of this issue are for life, too. They just may not know it yet. We need to keep reminding them" (Greenberg, New York Post, 7/11).

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