National Coalition for Life and Peace Condemns

Asheville Abortion Facility Bombing (March 13, 1999)

Asheville, NC -- Today a bomb exploded outside of an abortion facility in Asheville, North Carolina. Fortunately no one was injured in the explosion. The National Coalition for Life and Peace, a nationwide coalition of pro-life organizations and individuals who oppose abortion-related violence, expresses its outrage about the explosion.

"This campaign of domestic terrorism must end," announced NCLP founder and director Steven Ertelt. "Whoever is responsible should immediately come forward, turn themselves in, and apologize to the country for making Americans live in fear."

Ertelt also cautioned media outlets and pro-abortion organizations to not grasp at straws by assuming a pro-life advocate was responsible.

"This is not necessarily the case. In past incidents of abortion-related violence people not associated with the pro-life movement have been responsible," Ertelt noted.

Ertelt pointed out that Eric Robert Rudolph is wanted in connection to two past incidents of violence at abortion facilities. He has also been alleged to have been responsible for bombings and acts of violence having nothing to do with abortion.

The explosion took place near where FBI officials have been conducting a manhunt for Eric Rudolph since January of last year. Some government officials feel he is hiding somewhere near his hometown in western North Carolina and could possibly be responsible for this bombing.

"Eric Rudolph has never been a member of the pro-life movement," Ertelt said plainly. "No pro-life leader or advocate in North Carolina has ever worked with him to protect life. He's a complete unknown, having no connections whatsoever."

The bomb was placed outside the abortion facility, next to a wall near where the waiting room is located, said Asheville Police Chief Will Annarino. It went off at about a half-hour before the clinic was scheduled to open.

Ertelt was glad to see no one was hurt in the explosion. "Officials say that had the bomb exploded fully it would have caused a huge explosion. Residents or workers in buildings adjacent to the abortion facility could have been killed or injured. Fortunately, this extremist failed."

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