How Many Abortions is it Possible for our World to Perform?

For almost 30 years there have been about 1.5 million abortions performed annually in the United States. This is a staggering figure, but we are about to step into an age where this might be considered "tiny".

Already we have abortion pills that allow women to swallow "medicine" which will kill the unborn child as easily as taking an aspirin to remove a headache. This can be taken - and kill an unborn human being - even if she is unaware of her pregnancy.

We have "emergency contraception" that prevents the blastocyst (a human that is several hundred cells at this stage) from implanting in the womb. The extreme pro-abortionists tell us that this prevents abortions! Why? Because they use the definition of pregnancy as the "implantation of the fertilized egg" and say there is no pregnancy. As a matter of fact, it is not even a "fertilized egg, it is a "living human embryo".

Now we have the biggest abortion news of all - we have scientists combining eggs and sperm in laboratories to create human embryos for the express purpose of experimenting on them and then killing them. Many have the stated goal of being able to produce millions of embryos a week (a day?) so that stem cells could be taken from them to give to ill adults. Does this remind you of movie vampires that suck blood from innocent people in order to stay alive?

With just a small knowledge of basic math, it is easy to project that, with computer-aided lab equipment, our world could, in a few years, kill EACH DAY as many human beings as were killed in all of World War Two!

Society and its governments show no signs of stopping, or even slowing, this progression to mass killing on a diabolical scale. If ever there was something crying out for the intervention of God, it is this.

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