Reaction to Oregon Vote on Assisted Suicide

Dr. David Stevens of the Christian Medical & Dental Society's, representing 10,000 doctors, said he was alarmed by the vote. "Frankly, we're scared. We're scared that a shroud of secrecy will cloak this practice so that it will be impossible to expose abuses or reverse course," Stevens said. Pro-family groups also expressed their dismay at the voter support for allowing doctors to kill terminally-ill patients. "A majority of Oregon voters deluded themselves into believing that physician-assisted suicide is about 'personal autonomy' and 'choice,'" said Carrie Gordon of Focus on the Family. "Oregon's approval of state-sanctioned killing perverts the practice of medicine and opens the door for coercion of vulnerable, suffering Americans to 'choose' an early death by profit-motivated health care companies, misguided physicians, and even well-meaning family members.

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