A Letter to Justice Sandra Day O'Connor on her Partial-Birth Abortion Decision

Justice Sandra Day O'Connor:

I was shocked by your failure to represent the handicapped unborn and the many female unborn children that are being aborted. In re: the recent Supreme Court Decision that struck down Nebraska's partial-birth abortion law. Above I copied and pasted where Vital Voices records your speech in Eastern Europe. There you, in the body of your speech about women and inequality, told of mistakes the Supreme Court has made in the past about women.

We have selective abortions. I am handicapped and resent that. The callousness at which you have arrived at a decision that does not consider the nearly born child as having any constitutional rights reminds me of those working with Hitler during his murderous reign. If something is living, then it has inalienable rights so it must needs be that the Nazis objectified the Jews and distanced them. They became material and then immaterial.

Such are our nearly born children. You have helped many men to get rid of unwanted girls. I worked with a woman who married a Moslem man. But she was almost delivered of a baby girl. She had the girl and she had to give it up for adoption. He was angry because it was a girl. She was an American and left her employment because she was ashamed (she had been so joyful about her first child coming). We were surprised she did this for a man. But women have abortions all the time, too, for men. They are pressured into abortions. A man pressured my sister into an abortion. And you claim to be a champion of their rights.

The Supreme Court decision for you, before it even got to you, from the entire content of your speech in Eastern Europe, was already decided. Your opinions were very clear concerning women and how trodden down we have been. Obviously, you are the Supreme Court Liberator. You didn't need any dusty old documents for binding reference.

Carol Brown

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