A Letter to Justice John Paul Stevens on his Partial-Birth Abortion Decision

Justice Stevens,

I object to striking down Nebraska's ban on partial-birth abortions. When I read why you voted as you did, I was and am impressed with such intentional disregard for the sanctity of life. You have managed to mingle amongst yourselves such illogic and pathologic referencing and inapplicable ideas that the point has stretched way past viability into infanticide. It is a crime against humanity you have passed on to us as our heritage.

The idea that a person, together with a doctor, may decide to kill someone has been heard before in history. An "undue burden" without considering the child in a partial-birth abortion shows a total lack of wisdom and ethics, Justice Stevens. The inability to comprehend the nature of this crime is typical here. And for Carhart, let me use what an Israeli once commented about Eichmein and it will suit here just fine--"Humanity does not know how to punish people like this."

Carol Brown

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