A Doctor Cancels His Subscription to People Magazine
Due to Advertisements for the RU-486 pill which Kills the Unborn

Cornerstone Clinic

Thomas J. Breidenstein, D.O.
108-8 E. Green Meadows Road,
Columbia, Missouri 65203-3633

(573) 875-5900

To:  Don Logan, Chairman, CEO
       Norman Pearlstine, Editor in Chief
       John J. Gallagher, Advertising Director
       People Weekly Magazine
       Time & Life Building, Rockefeller Center
       New York, New York 10020

Re:     Cancellation of Subscription and Future Renewals and Demand for Reimbursement

From:   Thomas J. Breidenstein, D.O.

Date:    11 July 2001

This letter is to inform you that I am canceling my subscription to People Magazine because of your endorsement in advertising the RU-486 pill. I request a refund of the pro-rated balance of my subscription. I am a physician and have an established psychiatric practice. I will not renew my subscription and will inform the patients who regularly request People of why I’ve made this choice. The National Abortion Federation advertises their choice to murder. I also have a freedom. My choice is to cancel People for endorsing the NAF and it’s advertising. I will no longer endorse you.

If you choose to run advertisements by the National Abortion Federation of the RU-486 pill, I will choose to write the companies which advertise in your magazine and inform them that I will cease using any of their products as long as they are in allegiance with you.

The businesses from July 9, 2001 include: Doubletree/Hilton Hotels, Dannon Water, Jergens Skincare, Stouffer’s Foods, National Geographic, Butler GUM Dental Products, Vaseline Skincare Products, Wrigley’s Sugarfree Gum, Dr. Pepper, Polaroid, Purina Foods pet food, Hartz Pet Care Products, Sports Illustrated, Coca-Cola Products, Clairol Herbal Essences Hair Care Products, Forturne Magazine, Nature Valley Granola Bars, Aussie Hair Care Products, Curad Bandages, Clorox Bleach Products, ChapStick Lip Care, Ragu Food Products, SnackWells Food Products, Amazon.com, Paramount Pictures, Pantene Hair Care Products, Mead Johnson Viactive Nutritional Products, Lysol Brand Products, Honda Motors, AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals, Allergan Eye Care Products, State Farm Insurance, Mennen Deodorant Products, Whitehall Robins Healthcare/Centrum Vitamin Products, U.S.Army, Betty Crocker, Always Protection Products, Eukanuba Pet Care Products, Phillip Morris/Kraft Foods/Miller Brewing Co., Benjamin Moore Paints, Alberto VO5 Hair Care Products, Lipton Soups, Post Cereals, Crest Tooth care Products, Pounce Cat Food, Sony Video, Sound Products, Land O Lakes Products, Oil of Olay Products, Pur Water Purification Products, AMC American Movie Classics/AT&T Cable, Long Distance Products, Sketchers Footwear, Kellogg’s Cereals, Nivea Skincare Products, Dawn Dishwashing Products, Verisign Network Solutions, Jack Daniels Liquor/Food Products, AOL, and Toyota Automobiles.

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