Pill Instructions Lead Women To Believe They

Are Not Pregnant - When Pill Can Kill Baby

Preven Manufacturer Practices Double-Deception. Packaging for Preven, the so-called morning after pill manufactured by the New Jersey firm Gynetics, includes a 1-2-3 instruction sheet, four pills, and a pregnancy test.

Step 1 tells the woman to Read the patient information book carefully.

Step 2 says, Use Pregnancy Test.

Step 3 says, If Pregnancy Test is negative: Take Emergency Contraceptive Pills as Directed. First dose: Take 2 pills during the first 72 hours after sex. Second Dose: Take remaining 2 pills 12 hours after first dose.

These instructions constitute a grievous deception, because the presence of an embryonic baby cannot be detected 72 hours after intercourse. In fact, the presence of an embryonic baby cannot be detected until after he has traveled through the fallopian tube and taken up residence (implanted) in the uterine wall. At that point the motherís chemistry changes and it is possible to detect the presence of a baby in the womb (a pregnancy).

So, the pregnancy test included with Preven will always be negative, leading the woman to believe that no baby is present, even though conception may have taken place. The reality is, one of the ways in which Preven, deceptively billed as an emergency contraceptive, works is to harden the lining of the uterus, making it inhospitable to an embryonic baby, so that, when he tries to implant, he receives no nourishment and dies, the result of an early, chemically induced abortion.

Why is a pregnancy test included with Preven? Why are the promoters practicing such blatant deception? Because they know that most women, if they think conception has occurred, will not purchase the drug. An honest instruction sheet would read something like this: Warning: Conception can occur within 72 hours after sex. This drug may cause the death of a developing baby during the first 8 - 14 days after conception, prior to implantation in the uterus.

Deception # 1 - Preven is not an emergency contraceptive. A contraceptive is supposed to prevent conception from occurring. The principle way in which Preven works is to prevent the implantation of a developing baby AFTER conception.

Deception # 2 - The pregnancy test is a meaningless but cruel ploy, since it is impossible to detect the presence of a baby within 72 hours of intercourse. Sadly, the women who take Preven will sooner or later come face to face with the probability that they have killed their babies.

Source: Republican National Coalition for Life (RNC/Life). Web site: http://www.rnclife.org

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