Pro-Life Poems by John McKee and Shelah


We are innocent children,
so why are we the ones to die.
We didn't do anything wrong,
we didn't even cry.
Why can't they just keep us,
or someone will adopt us.
Why do they have to kill us,
is it to get rid of us?
They say we are not a person,
that we are just a "blob".
God would have not made us,
if we were not meant to be.
God gave us all life,
so why can't you take that advice.
So why are we the ones to die,
we didn't do a crime!
We are innocent children,
so abortion is a crime!!

BY: Shelah

Woe, to the Pro-Choice

Have you given much thought to the defense you will use
When you're asked to give an account
Of your inaction in regard to the murder of babies
As their death toll continued to mount?

In your heart you know that God isn't 'Pro-Choice'
He knows babies before their conception.
And the Supreme Court ruling on Roe vs Wade
Is, quite simply, just evil deception.

So don't look to them for help on that day
As they will be on trial, too,
For the millions of babies they allowed to be killed
Because of their Liberal view.

I wouldn't trade places with any of them
Standing mute in front of The Judge
For there is no defense they can use before God
When on abortion they would not budge.

by: John McKee
February 2, 2000

Silent Scream

At the moment of conception a miracle happens
When a spirit is joined with flesh;
The heart starts to beat and blood begins flowing
As the baby and soul enmesh.

Yes, the fetus is a living and hopeful being,
Looking forward to a life on earth.
What changes would we see on this earth today,
Had all been allowed natural birth?

But millions of babies are senselessly slaughtered
For the crime of being unwanted.
While the Liberal's carp, "Itís a womanís choice!"
And into the trash heap theyíre shunted.

The soul within the baby screams,
"Please, give me a chance at life!"
But the silent screams of the unborn child
Are muted by the surgeonís knife.

They tell themselves, "The fetus canít feel."
As itís torn from the motherís womb.
And this miracle from God is cruelly murdered
With a Dumpster for a tomb.

by: John McKee
January 27, 1997

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