Most Americans Believe Abortion is Manslaughter, Says Poll

New York -- A new Zogby International poll shows most Americans believe abortion is actually manslaughter.

When asked to choose between two statements: "abortion destroys a human life and is manslaughter" or "abortion does not destroy a life and is not manslaughter," 51 percent of respondents of the Zogby "American Values" poll believe the first statement. Only thirty-five percent of 1,005 likely voters believed that abortion does not destroy a life and is not manslaughter. Eight percent agreed with neither statement, while six percent were not sure.

Thirty-seven percent of Democrats said abortion is manslaughter, while 47 percent disagreed. Sixty-seven percent of Republicans said abortion is manslaughter, while 23 percent disagreed. Fifty-one percent of independents felt that abortion was manslaughter; compared to 32 percent who felt is was not.

Men and women's responses were statistically the same, with 51 percent of both men and women agreeing that abortion destroys a human life. Thirty-seven percent of men and 33 percent of women said abortion does not destroy life and is not manslaughter.

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