Prenatal Care and Killing

The following article appeared in the Tennessean:

Tennessee Woman Jailed For Failing To Obtain Prenatal Care

Nashville -- A Tennessee woman has been sentenced to over "a year in jail for failing to get prenatal care for her seventh child, who was born with syphilis and with cocaine in his bloodstream," the Tennessean reports. At a court appearance last November regarding neglect of two of her other children, the woman, Kimberly Watson, was ordered to obtain prenatal care and drug treatment. Despite a nurse's "repeated offers" to take her for prenatal care, Watson admitted last week that she did not seek care, prompting Juvenile Court Referee Andrei Lee to rule "that she was in contempt of court." The Tennessean reports that "Lee told Watson she will consider releasing her from jail early if she completes a six-month drug treatment program" (Loggins, Tennessean, 1/14).

It makes you think: if you do something which will be detrimental for the future health of your unborn child that is illegal (as it should be). But, if you kill the unborn child it is not only perfectly legal in the United States, but the government will probably pay for it.

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