Reform Party of the USA

Platform Positions on Pro-Life, Cloning, and Genetic Manipulation

On Pro-Life

We affirm the principle espoused in the Declaration of Independence, that we are all endowed by our creator with certain unalienable rights, and among them is the right to life. The right to life is not superseded by any foreign or domestic law.

Since the United States Supreme Court decision in the case of Roe v. Wade legalized abortion, there have been 40 million unborn babies slaughtered, laying to waste an entire generation. It is time that we end the American Holocaust. We are committed to protecting the lives of these innocent persons. We recognize that life begins at conception and support overturning Roe v. Wade.

On Cloning / Genetic Manipulation

The mapping of the human genome at the dawn of this new century is a tremendous achievement that will propel us towards real cures for many diseases that baffle our medical community today. It has allowed us to learn how to read a complex code laid before us by our creator. However, we must be mindful of our obligations to use this technology wisely and with great reverence and using the highest moral standards.

The Reform Party calls for the following minimum guidelines to be codified into law regarding the further research and development of this technology:

  1. Outlaw the cloning of human beings and of other mammals, fowl, fish, and reptiles.
  2. Outlaw the modification of the human genome to eliminate undesirable traits, to enhance existing abilities or traits, or to create new abilities or traits.
  3. Require that all human genetic material used in research or in the production of medications be given without coercion and without duress, deception, or relief of criminal responsibility.
  4. Oppose the coerced collection and use of genetic information as a factor in hiring, the issuance of life or health insurance, housing, or access to public places.
  5. Outlaw the use of fetal tissue for genetic or other research, but permit the use of placenta tissues collected following the natural birth of a child.

The above are taken from the Reform Party's Platform as amended at the Nasville convention of July 29, 2001.

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