An Abortion

I had an abortion on April 4, 1988. I will be hitting the 10th year anniversary of my babys death. Since my abortion i have wrote the newspaper and told them the lies i was told in the abortion clinic, I have spoke out at the capitol against abortion, testified at the senate committe on informed consent, which was turned down. I debate people on line. Most the people i talk to have never had an abortion,or they were just given bad information. I am so sick of people saying its tissue, a mass of nothing, not viable. This is all b.s. If its all about nothing then why is it a debate for 25 years or more..

I always will remember the day of my abortion like it was yesterday, the smell, the faces, what was going on in the office, what i did afterwards. I regret what i did, oh i regret it. I hurt deep inside, It feels like my insides are being torn apart. I feel like somehow i am going to be punished, like God taking one of my other children or myself away. I ve asked god for forgivness but i just dont see how he could because i cant forgive myself. They say abortion is just a matter of removing some tissue, well i want my tissue back, i want my baby. I love her and i will miss her till i see her in heaven.

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