Roe v. Wade 25th Anniversary

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo., -- As Sen. John Ashcroft's Subcommittee on the Constitution holds a hearing today on Capitol Hill to evaluate the 25 years of "Roe v. Wade," James C. Dobson, Ph.D., president of Focus on the Family, released the following statement:

"Tomorrow will be a national day of mourning for millions of families who have been hurt by abortion. 'Roe v. Wade' is not only bad law, but a perversion of medicine and the source of, as Mother Teresa said, 'the greatest destroyer of peace today.'

"I will be joining with thousands of church congregations across the nation to pray this week for the end to the violence 'Roe v. Wade' sanctions. What has been 'Roe v. Wade's' legacy over these last twenty-five years?

* What 'Roe v. Wade' actually did was cheapen life at every stage of development.

* The continued victimization and exploitation of women by abortionists. Millions of post-abortive women have suffered physically, emotionally and psychologically from an abortion industry that lied to them.

* The brutal death of 30 million sons, daughters and grandchildren whose lives were taken in the name of personal freedom and autonomy.

"The good news over the last twenty-five years is the growing strength of the national network of women's help centers that give women better options than death for their unborn children. I applaud the post-abortive women who volunteer at these centers for giving mothers the truth and practical assistance so that they can carry their babies to term.

"I share a vision with others in the pro-life movement of a culture without abortion, where the value of motherhood and the respect for human life is restored and where the personhood of unborn children is once again recognized in our law. Even if it takes another twenty-five years to achieve that goal, I pray that such a day will come."

Focus on the Family has placed full-page newspaper ads this week marking "Roe v. Wade's" anniversary in "USA Today," "The Washington Post," and "The Washington Times." This week's Focus on the Family daily radio broadcasts are also devoted to celebrating the sanctity of human life. The broadcast reaches 3-5 million listeners.

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