The following is a statement by Regina Smith, Executive Director of Pro-Life Council at a Connecticut Legislature public hearing (March 17, 1994) regarding a physician-assisted suicide bill:

Active euthanasia - the intentional taking of a person's life - is currently illegal across our country. However, the prohibition against physician-assisted killing has been ignored by those who consider individual 'choice' as the ultimate value.

We must consider the outcome, if physicians are permitted to assist in the killing of their consenting patients, upon request:

Once euthanasia is legalized, all persons are at risk: adults suffering from severe depression, senility, mental illness, Alzheimer's disease; infants who are born handicapped and children who are mentally handicapped or dying.

If euthanasia is legalized, no one will be safe.

Our health care systems across the nation have maintained high standards in the delivery of quality care and we must continue to strive to give quality care to each and every citizen

Every citizen in our country has a right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness - we must, therefore, maintain the highest standards in our health care delivery system and totally reject the notion that any of us has a right to 'choose' to assist in the killing of any human being.

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