South Africans Oppose Taxpayer-Funded Abortions

Monday, 17 May

African Christian Democratic Party Western Cape Leader and Development Planning Minister Michael Louis says he is prepared to spend more than 27 years in jail to put an end to abortion in South Africa. Speaking at an ACDP public meeting in Claremont this evening (Monday, 17 May) Minister Louis said, "Nelson Mandela spent 27 years in jail to end institutionalised racism. I am prepared to spend more time than that to end the institutionalised murder of innocent children."

He said, "Abortion is paid for by the South African taxpayer. Every time a South African citizen buys for a loaf of bread, some of that money goes toward the killing of children. In effect that means that everyone is contributing to the murder. There are no fence sitters with abortion. South Africans need to start actively opposing abortion. By virtue of paying taxes, without actively taking a stand against abortion, we are all implicated in this atrocity.

"The African Christian Democratic Party does not regard abortion as a moral issue, but as murder. In the United States, public opinion is turning against abortion as they see the consequences of it in their society. Laws are being proposed that would ensure that the woman sees her child on an ultrasound scan before she chooses to go ahead with an abortion." He said that the ACDP will continue to oppose abortion in any way it can. "The reality is that children are dying painful and traumatic deaths everyday." Like newborns, children in the womb are very sensitive to pain.

Minister Louis said, "The time may come when Christians will have to consider withholding their taxes by paying their taxes into a trust fund to prevent their money being used to fund abortion." Since the legalisation of abortion in February 1998 more than 80 unborn children have been aborted every day.

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