United States Cuts Funding for Marie Stopes International

The US State Department has cut funding to Marie Stopes International in response to the organization's association with China's coercive one-child population control program.

Marie Stopes, an international pro-abortion group akin to International Planned Parenthood, carries out abortions in many of its centers around the world, targeting especially third world countries.

The State Department found that Marie Stopes works as a partner with the UN Population Fund in China. US law forbids public funding of groups which are involved with coercive birth control and forced abortion.

The latest funding cut came to an AIDS project involving Marie Stopes in Africa. The six other groups involved in the project refused to sever ties with Marie Stopes in order to maintain US funding.

Source: 28-August-2003 -- Catholic World News Brief (LifesiteNews.com/CWN)

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