Thatís Me? It Doesnít Look Like Me!

PBS aired a program on Frontline a few weeks ago entitled Making Babies. The show was very informative and showed the many ways life is created and destroyed based on its worth. During the show, there was an exchange between a mother and her three-year-old daughter, Hope, who was conceived artificially and then implanted in her motherís womb. The camera showed them looking at a photograph of a number of embryos. The mom, pointing to the embryos in the photo asked little Hope, Do you know what these are? Hope replied, Um . . . theyíre cookies! Her mom responded, No. One of these is you. Hope said, Thatís me? It doesnít look like me!

A friend who described this episode for us commented, As I saw this exchange, I couldnít help but think that in a few years, that little girl will ask her mother, ĎIf thatís me, who are they?í, pointing to her brothers and sisters in the picture. What will Hope think when she realizes her siblings were either frozen or killed?


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