New Catholic Group will Monitor UN

August, 27, 1997 -- New York -- With backing from over 4,000 supporters, this week a group of Catholic activists opened a permanent pro-family organization affiliated with the United Nations.

The Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute (CFHRI), part of the growing international human life and family movement, will be a daily advocate on behalf of family and human rights at the missions, consulates and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) connected to the international body headquartered in New York City. CFHRI will provide the international community with documentation and analysis of UN initiatives in the areas of population, the environment and development. CFHRI will also act as a conduit of information from the UN to the pro-family movement world wide.

Ann Noonan, Director of the Institute, said "The need arose for a coordinated approach and a permanent presence following the series of UN conferences held in Rio on the environment, in Cairo on population and development, the women's conference in Beijing, and Istanbul and Rome on housing and food."

"It is manifestly clear that some UN policies and programs undermine the dignity of human life... and that a new vocabulary of euphemisms has arisen which disguises another agenda," said Noonan.

"Much of the terminology is not understood or is rightly viewed with suspicion. Terms such as family planning, reproductive and sexual health rights can be loaded phrases which may really be masks for abortion on demand...," said Noonan.

Noonan views the mission of CFHRI as consistent with the objectives of the United Nations in their Universal Declaration of Human Rights, particularly Article 3 which states that "Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of the person."

Taken from Infonet List, a daily compilation of pro-life news and educational information.

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