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"Those who promote this last, fatal escape as a "right" should remember that such a "right" may quickly become an expectation and, finally, even a "duty" to die. We fear eventually some individuals and families will be forced to put financial concerns above the needs of loved ones. " ... from a statement against assisted suicide by members of Michigan's Religious Leaders Forum, a group of Christian, Jewish and Muslim leaders (5/7/98).

“In Judaism we have a healthy respect for life and an understanding that life and death is not in our hands. We can handle the pain, but euthanasia is considered an act of murder.” " ... Rabbi Shira Stern, chair of the ethics committee of the National Association of Jewish Chaplains. (Click here for the article)

"When we grow old or sick and we are tempted to lose heart, we should be surrounded by people who ask “How can we help?” We deserve to grow old in a society that views our cares and needs with a compassion grounded in respect, offering genuine support in our final days." ... U.S. Bishops’ 2011 Policy Statement on Assisted Suicide.

"As nobody knows what happens when we're dead, what makes people think it would be better to die than live with an illness? What happens if a greater power, i.e. God, punishes us for completing these acts?" ... from an email sent by a reader (2003).

"It is only if human life is respected from conception to death that the ethics of peace is also possible and credible" ... Pope Benedict XVI in a November 2006 speech to Swiss Bishops.

"We have a powerful temptation to identify with the strong, and to despise the weak, the elderly, and the disabled. Perhaps it originates from an animal-like survival instinct, but it is fostered and exploited by would-be totalitarians. The only antidote is reverence for all human life, which we derive from religion. I believe that eventually we will all be judged on how well we resist this temptation." ... by David C. Stolinsky, MD (Click here for article)

""a doctor can be a healer, but when he is unable to heal he does not have the authority to kill. He may give pain medication, even in heavy doses, as death nears, but cannot kill." ... by Chief Ashkenazi Rabbi of Israel David Lau (Click here for article)